Back plates are protective plates that attach to the back of the shoulder pads using screws or add-on cords to protect the lower spine and reduce the impact on the lower back region. Recently, football players have used back plates as statement pieces that shower case their creative fashion side. A custom back plate football allows you to input colors, designs, and writings differently. With DIY products flooding the market, it is easy to customize your football back plate to suit your tastes and preferences.

Football players wear back plates during matches to protect themselves from hard blows.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Football Back Plate


It would be best to buy a back plate that fits you appropriately. Purchasing a big rear plate will make playing football uncomfortable for you. A big back plate will move up and down as you run on the field, limiting your efficiency. On the other hand, a small back plate will expose your lower spine to receiving blows while you tackle a fellow player.

Football Team Theme

Buying a back plate that goes hand in hand with your football team’s theme is paramount. The team theme includes theme color and theme design. You can still pick a back plate that compliments the team theme and customize it to your liking.

Material Used

When buying a back plate, you need to inspect the material used and ensure it consists of solid quality material. The type of material will give you confidence even while playing, as it guarantees your safety.

Significance of a Football Back Plate

Skilled football players with proficient positions, such as receivers and quarterbacks, should wear back plates, as they are prone to receiving blows while tackling teammates during matches.
Football back plates are made of hard plastic that helps protect the spine from intense blows. The football back plates have a large surface area to spread the impact of collisions. This feature reduces the amount of force the spine receives from the blow.
Safety during football games is paramount players should wear protective gear to prevent damage to body parts. Protective equipment in football includes mouth guards, helmets, shoulder, elbow, and kneepads.
Games that involve tackling can be life threatening to players if they overlook safety. Receiving intense blows to the spine leads to long-term spinal cord injuries. Most of the fatal injuries that occur to sports players include cervical spine injuries. The National Football League (NFL) reports cervical spine injuries to football players yearly. The NFL said 2208 Spine injuries occurred in 2000 and 2010 combined.

Young football players require extra attention because their bones are brittle and cannot withstand massive blows. Ensure your child always wears a back plate before playing football.
Accidents in football games are inevitable; therefore, the goal is to protect the player’s body from damage.


Back plates are fundamental to any football player, regardless of age and size. As the saying goes,” prevention is better than cure” ensure you protect yourself from sport-related injuries even as you enjoy playing your favorite sport.


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