FIFA 24 Ultimate Team (FUT) is constructed on getting and controlling player cards to build the team of your dreams. This is the key element of the experience that results in the acquisition of coins, the in-game currency, which can be used to buy players, consumables, and packs. To be good in FUT, a player must develop a good coin-making strategy. Check this out to increase your fc coins balance and the players on your team in FIFA 24.

Finish Squad Battles and Division Rivals in full.

Participate in Squad Battles and Division Rivals to get daily coin rewards. Here you can face the AI-controlled squads or the other players, depending on what difficulty level you choose to play in. The goal is to finish matches and keep advancing through the ranks to get as many weekly coins as possible. Also, you can get bonus rewards for the objectives that are accomplished in these game modes, such as player packs and FC coins.

Capitalize on Weekend League Rewards

Take part in the Weekend League where you will go against top-level opponents and will be rewarded with amazing rewards. The amount of mass you earn depends on your performance and maybe a coin reward, player picks, and packs. The goal is to master your matches by being time-efficient and this will help you to get the best rank and the best rewards at the end of each weekend.

Utilize Trading Techniques

Learn the art of trading to earn the coins in a constant flow. Keep an eye on the Transfer Market for player price fluctuations and take advantage of the deals that are worth the investment. Search for popular players or consumables of high demand but low supply. Invest in coins at a low price and sell them at a high price to build up your portfolio. The ability to be patient and knowledge of the market are the two main attributes that will help you to succeed in trading with FUT.

Sell Unwanted Items and Disposable Goods

Make sure to regularly clean out your club by selling unwanted player items, consumables, and duplicates on the Transfer Market. The sale of the most common player contracts and fitness cards can also earn you extra coins if you do it wisely. Having your club clean not only helps you earn coins but also enables you to create space for new items.

Join In Promotions and Events

Keep an eye on limited-time promotions and events in FIFA 24 Ultimate Team, which will be updated regularly. Events such as FUT Birthday and Team of the Season (TOTS) contain those coins and rare player items that can only be earned through them. Join in the event-related activities so as to get the most from the promotional offers during this period.

Avoid Impulsive Purchases

Be frugal and only spend when necessary. Do not make rash decisions on player packs or expensive products without first analyzing the situation. Establishing a budget for every purchase and prioritizing the necessary upgrades in your squad is a must. If you properly manage your coin spending, you’ll keep an adequate balance for your future investments.


To sum up, the main purpose of this article is to help the reader understand the concept of coin-making in FIFA 24 Ultimate Team. Through applying techniques like playing game modes, trading smartly and attending events, little by little you will be able to increase your coins and build up your team in FUT. Remember, self-discipline and perseverance are the most important things for a successful game in FIFA 24 Ultimate Team.


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